Why should I care about VR?

Because it’s the future, man. But seriously. Check out this article, this one, and this one, then see if you’re convinced. If you’re not, text your early adopter techno-savvy buddy and try out an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Gear VR for yourself. It’s hard to get it until you try it.

Why should I spend money on VR production?

I’m not going to lie: it’s a wild world out there, and ROI on creative brand pieces is often intangible and unmeasurable. But we can assure you that because we’re a lean, mean production duo, our overhead is remarkably low so that more of your marketing budget will go towards deliverables.

How do I make VR myself?

We want to empower more creators and become thought leaders in the new language of VR storytelling. That’s why we are publishing the 360 Creator’s Manifesto, which you can view here

How do people watch this stuff?

Here is a great walkthrough on some common ways to watch VR content.

Will you make my 2D (product video/brand video/short narrative film)?

Imbue Reality is a 360/VR specific production company, but we do take on “flat” film and photography projects as well- see willstauffernorris.com and elispiegel.com for reels and past clients.

At Imbue we believe in the power of VR to change storytelling, but we also believe in the power of all kinds of media to enhance that story. We can design a campaign that uses short video, photos, and writing to enhance the reach of our VR film and boost social engagement. See our case study here (link).


“Floating Tibet” is a multimedia campaign that we are writing about in real time as we dissect the contemporary maze of virtual reality… in the crucible of reality. View the latest blog posts here.

Whate if I want to see interesting, beautiful places on a regular basis?

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