360 Photos

360 video is awesome, but some of the limitations make the end result lower quality than some people want. Without breaking the bank, 360 photos are a great way to still create content that transports people to a place.

One of the main advantages of 360 photos is that you can achieve much higher resolution than is currently possible with video. Another advantage to 360 photos is you can do them with any camera you have. There are awesome apps and built in options to take 360 photos from your phone or you can even take photos in every direction with your DSLR or other camera and stich them into a 360 image.

Make sure that you don’t have anything too close to the camera.
If there are objects to close to the camera the different perspective from one photo to the next will make for blurry parts of your photo or even places that can’t stich at all. These are known as parallax issues. I like to try and keep thing at least threeish feet away from the camera which makes for a more comfortable viewing experience as well. 

Keep your settings the same.
Normally you want to try and take an ideal exposure for each photo but for 360 photos if you aren’t using a purpose built camera or an app make sure to set everything manually and don’t change it between frames. Any changes will make stitching more challenging and make and stich lines much worse.

Avoid having too many moving elements.
When taking 360 every direction will end up in your final photo, this can be awesome if you have purpose build 360 camera like the gear 360, but can cause major issues to the end result if you are taking a bunch of separate photos and stitching them together.

360 photos are a really exciting new way to share places and events that fully immerse your viewer in a place. As a photographer it has been really exciting exploring 360 photos and challenging myself to capture ideal spots.  

Check out our video about 360 videos as well!